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We are Inka Jugle trek and the main objective of our team is to make your trip the best experience. We invite you to know Peru and its wonderful destinations; Cusco, Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail, We offer unforgettable tours with the best rates and above all we offer quality service since all our staff is trained and committed to provide the best for you.
We have professional guides, with experience who speak English and Spanish fluently. For us it is important to share with you all the knowledge we have about the history of the Incas, their magnificent culture and the secrets of the jungle. We are proud of our heritage and we wish you to find something unique and unforgettable, with the aim of changing your point of view about the presents of Peru and its history. Your safety is our priority. For cycling we offer complete body protection, during hiking you will be clearly indicated where to go and where not, the optional and additional activities will only be carried out by highly qualified guides.

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Book a tour to Machu Picchu at the best price, with local guide and discover Machu Picchu.

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We are a company located in the city of Cusco, Inca Jungle trek Group is dedicated especially to provide the best service. We are local operators we have the best Guides in Machu Picchu